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PLEASE RESCHEDULE YOUR SESSION IF YOU ARE SICK. If anyone in your family has any symptoms of illness or has possible Covid exposure, please let me know so we can choose a different date! If you’d like me to wear a mask for your session just let me know!


  • Before the shoot, please feed baby 2-3 hours prior and then feed again right before I arrive.
  • Let me know if you’d like me to bring wardrobe for you for your session. (You can see my available dresses here). If you are choosing your own outfit, I recommend something light colored. Most moms opt for dresses as they are typically the most flattering post-baby.
  • For dad and siblings, I recommend simple neutral clothing to not distract from baby. White, cream, gray, and pastels are good options. Some dads wear button ups and dress pants, some wear jeans and a nice henley or sweater, so whatever they’re comfortable in will work as long as it’s neutral and light colored! I’d recommend pants over shorts as we may have you sitting on the bed and pants work better in certain poses. I’d avoid black, navy, and darker colors as they don’t work as well with my shooting/editing style.
  • I would avoid bulky watches, bracelets, fitbits, etc. as they can distract from baby. If you choose to wear jewelry, dainty pieces will photograph better.
  • Please don’t feel the need to clean your whole house before I come, but keep in mind your home is the backdrop for your session. You’ll want to make sure the areas in your house where we’ll be shooting are clutter free. In the nursery, I recommend moving diaper pails and clearing baby things from the changing table (diapers, wipes, monitors, etc.). In the bedroom, you’ll want to clear clutter from nightstands and tuck away things like charging docks, alarm clocks, etc.
  • If you have framed prints in the nursery, I recommend removing the glass if you can to avoid glares. (Especially in darker rooms where we’ll need supplemental light.) If frames have glass and get glare from lighting or windows, you may not be able to see the print in your images. 
  • Our goal is to keep baby asleep during the shoot, so it helps if you’re able to keep them awake for an hour or so beforehand. Try giving a bath and letting baby kick with only a diaper.
  • I recommend starting with baby in a neutral onesie or loose swaddle so if they are asleep when I arrive, we can grab a few shots of them before we swaddle them. Or if you have a special outfit you’d like to use for part of the session, we’ll probably start with that before we wrap baby. (I will bring a swaddle with me.) If you don’t have a plain onesie, don’t feel the need to get one. Just have baby in something loose fitting and easy to remove.
  • Hands will likely show in your pictures so you’ll want to wear neutral or no nail polish. (For siblings, please make sure to remove chipped nail polish, temporary tattoos, etc.)
  • If you have younger children, I advise having a treat on hand in case we need it for encouragement during the session  (puffs, fruit snacks, a non staining candy, etc.)
  • If you can, have a pacifier available. Even if you haven’t used one, just for the time that we’re photographing the baby it usually really helps. (However if you prefer that we don’t use one, that’s fine!)
  • Sessions last about 2 hours (but may run a little longer depending on how settled baby is/how cooperative siblings are).
  • Most importantly, DON’T STRESS! If any of the above doesn’t happen, just let it go. I’d rather you be relaxed than worry about following rules. Your baby (and your partner and other children) will feed off your energy. 

If you have any other questions before your session, please let me know!